Advice from an experienced Riverside DUI Attorney

If you have been arrested for a Riverside County DUI, you probably think you are facing a cut-and-dried plea of guilty. That is frequently not true, as this 75-page website helps explain.

In many instances these cases can be successfully resolved by a knowledgeable and experienced Riverside DUI attorney.

Yes, you and your lawyer will face several tough challenges in trying to obtain a favorable deal from our local prosecutors:

1. Jurors do not like drunk drivers.
2. Most jurors respect and believe police officers.
3. The DUI legal process is slanted to the prosecution’s side.
4. The prosecutor has chemical evidence indicating your guilt.

Because the prosecutor has a strong hand and knows it, an intelligent and sophisticated defense is needed to bring some balance to the plea negotiations. If you have a high-quality case, a trial may be your best choice.

We have been handling DUI cases in Riverside County and the rest of Southern California since 1984, and have learned much about obtaining favorable deals, outright dismissals, and winning verdicts for clients. This extensive website will introduce you to some of that knowledge.

Learning the important facts about your Riverside County DUI arrest

When you first tell us the story of your arrest for a Southern California or Riverside County DUI, we will be mentally thumbing through a lengthy catalog of available defenses to see which fit best. Most DUI defenses fall into these 10 categories:

Pretrial challenges

1. Illegal stop
2. Unlawful arrest
3. Right to counsel
4. Improper field sobriety tests
5. Lost exculpatory evidence

Attacks at trial

6. Officer credibility
7. Performance on field tests
8. Reliability of chemical test
9. Administration of chemical test
10. Failure to meet the burden of proof

Deciding whether to accept a DUI guilty plea

The decision whether or not to go to trial should not be made until the case has been thoroughly investigated. After we have all the facts, we will evaluate:

  • How strong is your main defense?
  • How will you be perceived if called as a potential witness? Will jurors like and respect you? Or will they be turned off by your actions that evening?
  • How good is the prosecution’s case? How does the prosecution view its case?
  • How experienced and effective is the prosecutor? It is easier to win against a new or aggravating prosecutor than against a skilled prosecutor who is respected by judges and liked by juries.
  • Will the arresting officer stand up to cross examination?
  • Can you afford to bring in the best expert witness?

After we have completed our investigation, we will give you our candid assessment of your odds of success at trial. We can give you a preliminary assessment of your case at the initial interview.

Understanding the Riverside County DUI legal process

Prior to our initial interview, it will be helpful if you spend some time reviewing this website. Its 75 pages are loaded with usable information and detailed answers. We especially recommend:

  • Our answers to Frequently Asked Questions explains the penalties, post-arrest steps you should take, common defenses to DUI, and the next steps in the legal process.
  • The videos throughout the site convey a variety of helpful information, from the stop to the alcohol screening device to the horizontal gaze nystagmus test.
  • Your Initial Interview alerts you to the nature of our first meeting, the type of information we will want to learn from you, and the importance of a clear recollection of the evening.
  • Overcoming our Negative Starting Position details the challenges we are up against with your case.
  • Deciding Whether You Will Testify explains why you are unlikely to be called as a witness if your case proceeds to trial. Defenses Which Will Require Your Testimony lists the few exceptions.
  • Our downloadable and free E-Book on Prosecution Strategies provides valuable insight into the opposition’s playbook. See the upper right-hand corner of this page.

We are happy to personally answer any questions that remain after you review our website, or to assess your Southern California or Riverside County DUI case without cost or obligation. To begin the process, you may complete the short Case Evaluation Form to your right or contact us at:

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