Questions You Should Be Prepared to Discuss With Your Riverside Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

As you are getting ready to discuss your DUI case with your Riverside drunk driving defense attorney, consider which of the following issues are going to be important and what you need to say about them.

Why did the police officer initially pull you over? How do you want to explain whatever the officer saw that led to you being pulled over? Did you get a ticket? What were you doing right before you got into the car and started driving?

Where did you stop the car exactly? Why right there? How light or dark out was it? Who was in your car with you? Did anyone else see you get pulled over?

Did you discuss alcohol with the officer who pulled you over? How did the officer tell you to get out of the car? How quickly and easily did you get out of the car? What else did the officer say to you?

Were you told you were free to go at any time? Do you feel you were treated or addressed at all inappropriately? Did you feel threatened or demeaned? Were you asked about your health or disabilities? Were you told you had to take a sobriety test on the spot? What did the officer tell you about such tests? Were they described in detail? Did you take a sobriety test? If so, where and under what circumstances did you take them?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help your Riverside drunk driving defense attorney prepare the best possible case on your behalf.


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